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Game card: Cray 5

Game card

Cray 5
:: ZX Spectrum 128k
:: ZX Spectrum +3


Pollution and its consequences make life on Earth impossible. At that moment, Earth governments come together to fund a plan of outer space colonization.

They created a huge spaceship that will carry a true continent with different ecosystems, and about 5000 brave human, travelling through space to find a new planet that is suitable to host the mankind.

As the mankind has shown that isn't able to take care of themselves, the control of the colony is under the command of a super computer, called Cray-5, which monitors all parameters so that are appropriate for all species travelling inside, and they can live safely throughout the voyage, whose final destination is unknown.

As the lead designer of the Cray-5 processor, you did not hesitate to volunteer to go on the ship. The perfection of the processor makes it impossible to have any problem during the voyage, but the mission objective is fascinating.


Three years after ship's departure, an asteroid hits one of the ship's nuclear reactors, located next to the Cray-5's control module, causing a massive leak of radioactive material, and damaging the computer.

The Cray-5 supercomputer then decided to proceed with self-destruction of the ship and all its inhabitants, and starts the countdown to the explosion that will destroy everything.

At that moment, you volunteer to proceed with the computer disconnection and subsequent repair. You know that it will not be easy, as there are many self-protection systems installed to prevent sabotage, and it will not make things easier.

The pulse trembles when you think about it, but it's not only your life is in danger: it is the future of all life on Earth, and you can not let it slip through your fingers.

Are you ready?


The game starts when you first enter the main control module of Cray-5.

Once there, you should disconnect the host, and go to the escape pod to return to the main hall.

For safety reasons, the Cray-5 control module is separated from the rest of the ship, cannot be accessed from it, and, moreover, is segmented into 9 watertight levels.

To disconnect the host computer, you should turn off each and every one of the switches scattered in nine zones. In each area you will find a teleporter that may carry you to a variable number of other areas, depending on how many switches you have turned off.


The control module is filled with small droids that are responsible for the maintenance and self-protection system, but nobody knows how they will respond after the impact, with such high levels of radioactivity. So you would better stay away from them.

There are also particularly dangerous areas: Energy storage, electromagnetic generators, self-defense barricades, etc. ... be careful where you pass trough.

To make matters worse, radioactivity is so high that damages the protective suit, and you can not resist forever. This will limit the time available to complete the mission.

One of the defense systems is the high partitioning of the module. Not only it is divided into 9 zones with restricted access, but there are also several coded doors that separate the interior spaces. You'll have to find the keys that allow you to open them in order to slip.


To fulfill your mission, you have the latest model sheathed spacesuit, with a high resistance to radioactivity, and equipped with a powerful jet-pac.

Also, you have a quantum pulse rifle, which will allow you to "deactivate" every droid you find in your way.

The suit power is limited, but there are several recharge devices in the control module to help you regain your strength.

And, best of all benefits: Your wits and your reflexes.


You can play with both I and II Joystick Sinclair, Kempston or keys. The game detects the control system when you press fire on the start screen.

The keys are O to left, P to right, Q to up and SPACE OR M to fire (only the one you used at initial screen will work at game)



Coding: Luis I. García Ventura (Benway)

Graphic Art: Fco. Javier Velasco (Pagantipaco)

Musix & FX: Iggy Rock

Music player: José Vicente Masó (Wyz)

Testing: RetroWorks team

This game is dedicated to Miguel and Wyzinho jr.




This game is distributed under GPLv3 license:

Source code is included on download file



Download Spectrum 128k

Download Spectrum +3

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