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"Then Dhananjaya desired to shoot a mighty and terrible arrow, made wholly of iron, resembling the poison of snake or fire in energy, and whose whizz resembling the peal of Indra's thunder, and which was inspired with the force of a high (celestial) weapon."

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Genesis: dawn of a new day

:: ZX Spectrum 128k
:: ZX Spectrum +3

They never took the Dork menace very seriously. First they thought they would never dare to attack, then that we would easily beat them... mankind never learns. Now the Earth is invaded by those creatures, and you are the pilot in charge of saving everyone. Does it sound familiar to you?

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Gommy, Medieval Defender

:: ZX Spectrum 48k/128k

Defend the castle not letting the enemies climb the walls. Gommy is alone Will you help him in his suicide mission?

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Sir Fred Remake

:: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

...Once upon a time there was a wise old king who ruled over a happy land. Everyone lived happily ever after - except wicked Baron Hugh D'Unwyt and the king's daughter, whom he's kidnapped. As all the other knights are away a-questing, it falls to the aged and corpulent Sir Fred to rescue her...

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