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Vade Retro
:: ZX Spectrum 48k/128k

A sad blacksmith who dreamed about achieving the glory as a knight and wasn't recognized as such. A dark wizard who fled vowing revenge and has returned again. Forces of evil becoming part of the strife, which Eshur must face to put an end to Delcram. Finding the seals of the chivalry orders or enchanting the sword he forged might help?

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The Charm / The Chard

:: ZX Spectrum 128k
:: ZX Spectrum +3

Long time ago, where the sun softly raised above the leafy forests and the day just counted a few hours. In misty, shadowy lands. Our hero, who can now be mentioned as such, whose name was then strange, Sir Oup, hanged on a gate that gave entrace to King Chardy's castle. The king had requested his presence.

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Teodoro no sabe volar (Teodoro can't fly)

:: ZX Spectrum 48k/128k
:: Amstrad CPC 464/6128

TEODORO couldn't fly and he became the jester, regardless of the fact that he always wanted to be a soldier...

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King's Valley

:: ZX Spectrum 48k/128k

Help Vick to obtain the Mystery Jewels from the Valley of the Kings!

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