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:: Escrito a las 10:43 del 16/08/2010 by sejuan

Our latest release is now ready for download. We hope you like it at least as much as we enjoyed doing it. This is another game that was started in CEZGS (during MadridSX 2008) and it's finally finished.

Go to the card and download it!. Greetings

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:: Escrito a las 01:00 del 16/08/2010 by utopian

As you can see, we have placed a donation button in the web header. With this, we want to give you the option to donate some euros to the team, if you wish so. This money will be used to pay for the common expenses (web hosting, creation of physical versions, etc), and some not so common ones (well, we also like to have some beers from time to time ).


Of course, this does not change our plans to offer all of our games for free download, and also physical versions when possible... We still think we will not become rich doing this

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