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:: Escrito a las 09:30 del 28/10/2010 by Metalbrain

No, it's not like he was fired from the court and got a job as a stripper. It's just that both source code and game map are now available from the game card. If you're not afraid of code or spoilers... go ahead and take them!

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:: Escrito a las 00:20 del 21/10/2010 by Metalbrain

...but now he can read the keyboard in a more proper way, so it shouldn't have any more problems with russian models. Thanks to Shiru and Jerri/AF for mentioning the problem. Also, the key to end game has been moved from M to G, because the old location was too close to the action key. Thanks jevilon for the warning.

That's all folks, now just go to the card and download again if you think the changes are worth it. 

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:: Escrito a las 02:20 del 19/10/2010 by Metalbrain

The first of our three "almost-ready" games is now totally ready. And out!

Go the its card to get it!

Teodoro No Sabe Volar (Teodoro can't fly) is the newest work of Pagantipaco (the creator of Gommy, Medieval Defender and RanaRemake) for any Spectrum with at least 48k. You must guide Teodoro through the enemy infested castle to warn the nearby kingdoms about the invading menace.


Teodoro will stay sad if you don't comment, don't be shy!

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:: Escrito a las 02:00 del 19/10/2010 by Metalbrain

This weekend I've finally started to update the web to change the game pages from handmade HTMLs to dinamically generated paged with PHP. The final result doesn't differ too much from the old cards, but it has the advantage that the platform and genre tabs at the left now act as filters for the games page. A bigger advantage is that now it's way easier to create new cards, so by simplifying this final step, it takes less time from game completion to its publication.

Here you can see an exclusive image of our secret intranet:

But I know this is totally irrelevant because it's the next entry that you're interested in...

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:: Escrito a las 10:28 del 17/10/2010 by Benway

We are pleased to show you the official video preview for Cray-5.

Both coding and graphics are fully finished, and only a few sounds remain to be added before the final release, so, really soon you will be able to enjoy this spacial adventure on your own Spectrum.


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:: Escrito a las 01:00 del 01/10/2010 by utopian

We would like to present two new games we are about to release:


Teodoro no sabe volar (Teodoro can't fly)



Genesis: dawn of a new day



These games will be shown at GameFEST, a videogame fair, where retro computers will be present, thanks to the hard work of the AUIC. Enjoy the videos! The games will be ready to be released very soon.

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