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:: Escrito a las 22:00 del 25/11/2010 by utopian

We think it's a good idea to share the game's source code, as there is always something you can learn from other people. And even if you just want to waste some hard disk space, you can grab it from the game card.

Happy hacking!


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:: Escrito a las 23:00 del 19/11/2010 by utopian

It had to happen. There was a bug in the +3 version loader, which caused the game to crash on start under some circumstances. We have made use of our last megablast to nuke it, and now the fixed version is available at the game card.

Go grab it!

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:: Escrito a las 00:00 del 19/11/2010 by utopian

Finally we can release the second of our three "almost finished" games... Go to its game card to get it!

Genesis: dawn of a new day A horizontal scroll shoot'em up, with seven levels filled with enemies to be destroyed, a music score with 15 themes, and... well, you'd better check out the rest. Only for 128K Spectrums.

And remember, if you give us your feedback, you will help us to improve future games ;).  

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:: Escrito a las 19:00 del 18/11/2010 by utopian


Synchronize your clock. At midnight, a new day will dawn.

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