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:: Escrito a las 01:00 del 15/09/2011 by utopian

We have done our homework during Summer, and finally our online shop is open. You will be able to buy physical copies of our games, with worldwide shipping and supporting payments through PayPal. 

What are you waiting for? Hurry up, before we run out of stock!

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:: Escrito a las 02:00 del 19/10/2010 by Metalbrain

This weekend I've finally started to update the web to change the game pages from handmade HTMLs to dinamically generated paged with PHP. The final result doesn't differ too much from the old cards, but it has the advantage that the platform and genre tabs at the left now act as filters for the games page. A bigger advantage is that now it's way easier to create new cards, so by simplifying this final step, it takes less time from game completion to its publication.

Here you can see an exclusive image of our secret intranet:

But I know this is totally irrelevant because it's the next entry that you're interested in...

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:: Escrito a las 01:00 del 16/08/2010 by utopian

As you can see, we have placed a donation button in the web header. With this, we want to give you the option to donate some euros to the team, if you wish so. This money will be used to pay for the common expenses (web hosting, creation of physical versions, etc), and some not so common ones (well, we also like to have some beers from time to time ).


Of course, this does not change our plans to offer all of our games for free download, and also physical versions when possible... We still think we will not become rich doing this

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:: Escrito a las 10:35 del 20/08/2009 by Metalbrain

One of the little details our blog was missing, was having an RSS service to subscribe so you won't miss any of our scarce news , well, this has been solved from today on.


So, if you want to subscribe, just click on the new RSS icon at the left side of the page.

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:: Escrito a las 00:40 del 09/06/2009 by Metalbrain

Step by step, we're going to turn the static html pages to dynamic php ones, to improve our web and automatize the updates.

The first step is making the Retroblog a little bit more like a real blog, with comments, tags and all...

So now your're free to express yourself, do it!. (Of course we're also free to edit or erase anything that we feel unappropiate ).

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