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:: Escrito a las 04:00 del 17/06/2009 by jovo

Here I present a project that I have on my hands: This is a remake of "Livingstone ... I presume."
For those who don't remember the original game, I must say that it's a great classic from Opera Soft, created in the golden age of Spanish software, back in 1986.
Actually, the project began at CEZ GS, a few months before its dissolution. The idea for the main character's graphic was by LordFred, who made the first animation, based on the old man that appears on the original cover of the game (Let's face it, LordFred is unable to draw a wrong pixel). I was very impressed with the idea, and I decided to continue the rest of animations and graphics using the same style. You can see the result in this screenshot of the game running:

And you can compare it with this screenshot of the Amstrad CPC version:

I want to imitate the same scenes from the original game, but increasing the detail level using 256-color graphics and 24 fps animations.

Regarding the current status of the project, although the code is quite advanced, the graphics are still at their early stage (I have only made a few graphics and enemies for the jungle and all the animations of the main character) but everything will come...

I must also say that the project is currently on hold because I am 100% dedicated to finish another thing that will take a few days (I can't say more), but when that's finished, I'll resume work on this one immediately. Soon you'll have more news.


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