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:: Escrito a las 20:45 del 06/12/2009 by Metalbrain

Hi all.

Today I've been optimizing the sprite printing routines, so if you want to enjoy a slightly faster game experience, come back to the card to download the new version.

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:: Escrito a las 14:20 del 15/11/2009 by Metalbrain

Some people might have guessed it, or maybe they found the YouTube video showing the game, for the rest of you, the mystery is now unveiled. The Konami game we've just ported to Spectrum was:


It's time to join Vick the explorer into The Valley of the Kings pyramids to find the Mystery Jewels, but be aware of the mummies!

To access the game card, just click here.

You may leave your comments here in the blog. Enjoy!

Etiquetas: Spectrum, King's Valley

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