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:: Escrito a las 08:17 del 22/04/2014 by pagantipaco

As we already announced, we are just releasing Gommy Medieval Denfender deluxe! for MSX.

You already can download it from its game card, where you will be able to find all the released versions so far and some extra content.


Gommy Medieval Defender deluxe! MSX

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:: Escrito a las 01:00 del 16/04/2014 by pagantipaco

Continuing with physical editions of our games availables at Retromadrid 2014, we have got the Gommy Medieval Defender deluxe release! A MSX cartridge presented in cardboard box. Do you know what "deluxe!" is? It's the best version adapted to the MSX of our Gommy game. It's better than the MSX 16k Cartridge version publised months ago.

In a few days Gommy deluxe! for MSX will be available in our game cards.

Physical edition Gommy medieval defender deluxe! MSX

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:: Escrito a las 13:00 del 08/04/2014 by pagantipaco

We are proud to announce that Gommy Medieval Defender MSX has been named GOTY 2013 by popular vote in the Konamito's blog MSXBlog.

We want here to thank everybody for all the support. We will have news about this game very soon. If you have not tried this fantastic version, here's the link so you get a little appetizer of things to come:

Download Gommy Medieval Defender MSX 16k

Gommy Medieval Defender: GOTY 2013 by MSXBlog

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:: Escrito a las 00:10 del 25/05/2009 by admin

Since the release of Gommy, medieval defender, some problems have been detected, and Pagantipaco has been working hard to fix them. So here we present you an update version so you can download and play it without fear of crashes or strange effects. What's new:

- A fire colliding with a shielded enemy won't crash the game.
- Fire thrower counters now work.
- Fires now burn the wall, and may open new ways for the enemies to go up.
- Water falls down, unaffected by obstacles that may deviate or break the rocks.

You can download the new version from the Game card

Special thanks to Gandulf, Jumping Stack and Shadow Maker for telling us about the problems.

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