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:: Escrito a las 22:30 del 30/09/2017 by Metalbrain

 After a very long development, we can finally present you our latest work:

The download is available, as usual, in its card

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:: Escrito a las 20:00 del 18/04/2015 by Metalbrain

Almost 30 years later, today we present you a game from which we used to have just memories and a special fondness.

We hope you'll enjoy it as much as us while we developed it.

As usual, you may download the game from its card.

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:: Escrito a las 06:00 del 03/05/2014 by Metalbrain

While preparing the Special Edition of Brunilda for RetroMadrid, we thought it would be cool to improve that version over the already published one.

Metalbrain got to work and, as only he knows, optimized the screen drawing routines to the limit, making the scroll way smoother everywhere in the game.

On the other hand, Wyz took the game music and moved, touched, remixed and modified everything necessary to extract the best possible sound from his own player.

Two tiny bugs were also fixed: a colour changing mushroom and an out of place apparition by Brunilda.

And finally, a pair of english mistakes were fixed, and then AugustoRuiz reviewed the whole translation to make it sound more natural.

Today, a week after the party, we put this "remastered" version at everyone's disposition. You may download it from the game's card. Do it, it's really worth it.

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:: Escrito a las 20:10 del 06/01/2013 by Metalbrain

Teodoro has less reasons than ever to be sad. In addition to his recent victory in MSXdev'12 competition, he was just visited by the Three Wise Men from the East, who gave him yet another computer, a great Amstrad CPC 464 which he will enjoy a lot.

Visit the card to download this new version that's available from right now.

And soon, Amstrad CPC covers and a disk version...


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:: Escrito a las 23:58 del 15/12/2012 by Metalbrain

Another MSX version of one of our games!

To brighten up even more this MSXdev'12 competition, here we also have for the japanese standard one of our latest creations: JINJ 2


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:: Escrito a las 16:00 del 15/12/2012 by Metalbrain

Teodoro has a new computer to play with, so from now on he'll be able to enjoy both his beloved Speccy and his brand new MSX.

This means the MSX version we sent a pair of days ago to participate in MSXdev'12 contest is also available on its game card


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:: Escrito a las 01:00 del 30/01/2012 by Metalbrain

 The heat of the flame had revealed the hidden message. But it also provoked something unexpected. A huge light comes from the scroll, as your name appears...




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:: Escrito a las 20:20 del 07/03/2011 by Metalbrain

After finishing his mission, Teodoro decides to go on vacations to Russia to get some relax, and will also use the chance to perfect his knowledge of other languages.

In other words, we've updated the download in the card to fix a tiny cosmetic bug and also add the russian version of the game, kindly translated by Jerri.

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:: Escrito a las 09:30 del 28/10/2010 by Metalbrain

No, it's not like he was fired from the court and got a job as a stripper. It's just that both source code and game map are now available from the game card. If you're not afraid of code or spoilers... go ahead and take them!

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:: Escrito a las 00:20 del 21/10/2010 by Metalbrain

...but now he can read the keyboard in a more proper way, so it shouldn't have any more problems with russian models. Thanks to Shiru and Jerri/AF for mentioning the problem. Also, the key to end game has been moved from M to G, because the old location was too close to the action key. Thanks jevilon for the warning.

That's all folks, now just go to the card and download again if you think the changes are worth it. 

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:: Escrito a las 02:20 del 19/10/2010 by Metalbrain

The first of our three "almost-ready" games is now totally ready. And out!

Go the its card to get it!

Teodoro No Sabe Volar (Teodoro can't fly) is the newest work of Pagantipaco (the creator of Gommy, Medieval Defender and RanaRemake) for any Spectrum with at least 48k. You must guide Teodoro through the enemy infested castle to warn the nearby kingdoms about the invading menace.


Teodoro will stay sad if you don't comment, don't be shy!

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:: Escrito a las 02:00 del 19/10/2010 by Metalbrain

This weekend I've finally started to update the web to change the game pages from handmade HTMLs to dinamically generated paged with PHP. The final result doesn't differ too much from the old cards, but it has the advantage that the platform and genre tabs at the left now act as filters for the games page. A bigger advantage is that now it's way easier to create new cards, so by simplifying this final step, it takes less time from game completion to its publication.

Here you can see an exclusive image of our secret intranet:

But I know this is totally irrelevant because it's the next entry that you're interested in...

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:: Escrito a las 20:45 del 06/12/2009 by Metalbrain

Hi all.

Today I've been optimizing the sprite printing routines, so if you want to enjoy a slightly faster game experience, come back to the card to download the new version.

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:: Escrito a las 14:20 del 15/11/2009 by Metalbrain

Some people might have guessed it, or maybe they found the YouTube video showing the game, for the rest of you, the mystery is now unveiled. The Konami game we've just ported to Spectrum was:


It's time to join Vick the explorer into The Valley of the Kings pyramids to find the Mystery Jewels, but be aware of the mummies!

To access the game card, just click here.

You may leave your comments here in the blog. Enjoy!

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:: Escrito a las 18:00 del 13/11/2009 by Metalbrain

...and Jonathan Smith doesn't work with us, we're also porting a fantastic Konami game to Spectrum.

Here's the first screenshot:

Stay tuned!

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:: Escrito a las 10:35 del 20/08/2009 by Metalbrain

One of the little details our blog was missing, was having an RSS service to subscribe so you won't miss any of our scarce news , well, this has been solved from today on.


So, if you want to subscribe, just click on the new RSS icon at the left side of the page.

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:: Escrito a las 00:40 del 09/06/2009 by Metalbrain

Step by step, we're going to turn the static html pages to dynamic php ones, to improve our web and automatize the updates.

The first step is making the Retroblog a little bit more like a real blog, with comments, tags and all...

So now your're free to express yourself, do it!. (Of course we're also free to edit or erase anything that we feel unappropiate ).

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