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:: Escrito a las 14:00 del 02/12/2014 by LordFred

we're back... as promised.

It has been long time working in the shadows... unsuccessful attemps to carry out this project that everyone? wants to see in movement... 

Soon... La Abadia del Crimen Extensum

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:: Escrito a las 11:50 del 10/06/2009 by LordFred

We Rescue one of the most successful RetroWorks games... Sir Fred Remake. From today you can see the development history's of this acclaimed game ... Do not miss it, from its gamercard

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:: Escrito a las 12:00 del 30/05/2009 by LordFred

At last, the new game from Manuel Pazos (Guillian) and Daniel Celemin (LordFred) arrives to our beloved MSX2 systems. This time it is a remake of the 8-bit classic "Knight Lore", with amazing graphics...

After some months... here it is... ready to download. We hope it's been worth the wait...

You can download from the game card.

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